The Adventure Begins

Good morning family, friends, and people of the internet and welcome to my blog.  You’ve either been directed here by some social media posting of mine or some direct contact from me asking you to come check out my new blog, read it, and subscribe to it.  OR in some random string of Google searching or hashtag following you’ve somehow organically stumbled upon this page.  So, let me first start by saying thank you for taking the time to make it this far.

If you are familiar with me and know me outside of the confines of the internet, this next section may be a little bit boring, but bear with me as I get all of my new e-friends up to speed here.

My name is Audrey, but if you are someone who knows me REALLY well you probably call me Auds.  I am a homegrown, midwestern girl and I currently live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband, Tyler.  (Note: Homegrown, midwestern girl comes with the caveat that I did do a short stint of living in Florida for a couple of years and a semester abroad in Spain – just gotta keep it honest here, don’t need to start off my blogging career by being called out on the internet – #hecklers.)

When I’m not out having amazing adventures or running around you will find me running my social media marketing business, ArmsReach Marketing, which I started earlier this year.  I have amazing clients and I get to work from home or from wherever in the world I’d like.  As much as I used to detest the phrase “living the dream” that’s pretty much the best way to describe my circumstance at the moment.

So, I’m sure by now you’re all wondering, “Audrey, what is the point of this blog?  Let’s get to it!”.  Okay, so the reason I started this blog is because I get to do so much awesome social media for other brands and people but I haven’t ever had the proper outlet to do social media for myself.  I love to travel, attend concerts, theater productions, sporting events, try new breweries or other dining establishments and watering holes, work on projects – ultimately, I love to have adventures and run around living life.  Everyone has a story and I believe every story is worth sharing.  So yes, this may be a hodgepodge of various topics but I have a story to tell and I’m finally taking the leap and here’s my outlet.

I appreciate you all stopping by for my first post and hope you’ll come back for more.  There are some pretty cool things in the works in my life and I’ll have a major announcement that I will be sharing tomorrow and I can guarantee you won’t want to miss it.  So stay tuned and welcome aboard.  This is sure to be an interesting ride.  I’ll be running around, are you with me?

✌️🙏 -Auds

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