There’s No Business Like Show Business!

Cue the pit orchestra and take your seats because the show is about to begin!  Yesterday, I mentioned that I have some super exciting news to share with you all and it’s time for the big announcement.

I’ve been working in social media for over 5 years now and I’ve been blessed with some pretty awesome opportunities but I’m not sure anything I’ve done quite compares to the latest which I’m thrilled to share with you today!

Drumroll please…

This season, I will be attending a number of theatrical productions at the Milwaukee Rep as a member of their Social Media Club!  This is a huge honor as the Milwaukee Rep is not only an amazing local arts organization but they are widely regarded as one of the top theaters in the country!  Throughout the upcoming 2018/19 season The Rep will be putting on 11 great productions including the hit Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, In The Heights, which you’ll be reading a lot about on this blog!  (Spoiler alert, there are some great things to come so stay tuned!)

Of these 11 productions, I’m not sure which I’m most excited about.  There are World Premiers, American Premiers, Midwest Premiers, dramas, and timeless classics.  If you are a theater lover, I highly recommend that you check out this seasons lineup at The Rep.  For their 65th season, they certainly did not hold back on bringing some amazing productions to Milwaukee.  I think Milwaukee is often perceived to be the awkward, less talented, younger sibling to Chicago and I believe people could not be more wrong if they possess that opinion.  Here in Milwaukee, there is a strong commitment to the arts by organizations such as The Milwaukee Rep which brings well-known productions and top-tier talent to our city.  We don’t even have to leave our own backyards, kudos to The Rep for that.

As a member of The Rep’s Social Media Club, I will have access to some amazing opportunities and behind-the-scenes looks into the theater and its various productions.  Stay tuned for my next post which will share a behind-the-scenes look at The Rep’s three-theater facility.  Consider it your backstage pass and hey, you didn’t have to do anything crazy to get it.  I’ll be sharing links to this blog each time I post via my social media channels but please follow either by clicking the link below or signing up to receive email notifications when a new post is published.  I look forward to bringing you all along for this experience all season long!  Let the show begin!

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