Game 163, The NLCS, and NLDS…PLAY BALL!

I know this post is a bit delayed but it’s simply too good of a story not to share…

On October 1, Tyler and I got to experience a little bit of baseball history, which for a couple that loves baseball as much as we do was pretty spectacular.  For those of you who don’t follow along as closely as others, the regular Major League Baseball season is made up of 162 games.  In very rare cases, 16 times to be exact, the league is forced to extend the season by another game in order to break a divisional tie.  That was the case for the National League Central Division this year.  There was a battle for the division almost all season long between the Chicago Cubs (Tyler’s team) and the Milwaukee Brewers (my team).  Each team battled incredibly hard through the end of the season in hopes of winning the division outright.  On Sunday, September 30, the division wound up tied and game 163 would be played on October 1 at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Tyler and I woke up on October 1 and since we both work from home I eagerly began to convince him that we should leverage our remote work powers and head down to the game.  I almost didn’t convince him, but then his cousins Tommy and Meagan posted on Facebook that they would be heading to the game.  We quickly hopped online and by some rare streak of luck, we were able to buy the two seats directly in front of them.  #Fate  So we made our way down to Wrigley where I’d be a lone Brewer in a sea of Cubbie bears.





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I won’t bore you with a play by play but I will say I felt like my heart rate was through the roof for three straight hours and I’ve never watched a baseball game so intently in my entire life.  It was ELECTRIC in the stadium.  🔥  The stadium was packed even for a Monday game that 24 hours prior nobody even knew would be played.  Cubs fans were definitely the majority but the Brewers fans that did show up were loud.  Since I’m a bit delayed in sharing this little anecdote (baseball season is unfortunately now over), you all know by now the Brew Crew won!  They came back and took the NL Central division for the first time since 2011 and man the victory was sweet.  I had to reserve my cheers just slightly because remember, I went to the game with three Cubs fans.  Everyone was very gracious and congratulated me on my team’s big win.  I was pleasantly surprised with how many people tapped me on the shoulder on the way out to say congratulations to me.  It was a sweet victory and I was so proud of my Brew Crew, what a moment.

Here’s another little nugget of why this moment was so sweet for me…

On August 9, 2016, Tyler and I were at a game at Miller Park with our friend Erik.  We had awesome seats (remember, back then the Brewers were pretty bad) on the field level and part way through the game I looked over near the Brewers dugout and noticed the team owner Mark Attanasio sitting in the first row just to the left of the dugout.  I have terrible celebrity recognition but I recognized Mark immediately.  I panicked as I wanted to try to talk to him after the game but I didn’t have anything for him to sign or a pen for him to sign with.  I ran up to the concourse and picked up one of the free Brewers game day magazines and as soon as the game was over I set my sights on my best path to go say hello.  Mark was incredibly gracious and someone with him even had a sharpie so he could sign my game day and he and I had a nice little chat.  Remember, this moment happened in the midst of the Brewers rebuild and I told Mark how big of a fan I was and how pleased I was with what he and David Sterns (General Manager) were doing with the club.  Mark thanked me and told me to hang in there for a couple more years while they worked through the remainder of the rebuild and he told me that the Brewers would be a playoff ready team.  As soon as the Brewers made the playoffs this year I couldn’t help but telling Tyler, dang, Mark was dead on with what he told me two years ago.  And folks, I pride myself on being one of the first to know and BELIEVE that the Brewers would be playoff ready in 2018.  Kudos to Attanasio, Sterns, and Coach Craig Counsell for sticking with it and building us a great Brewers team.

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The playoffs were even better than game 163.  Tyler was a rockstar and got us tickets so we were able to attend the first home game of the NLCS against the Colorado Rockies, and the first two home games of the NLDS against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  To see the Brewers win two out of those three games was fantastic.  I couldn’t be any more proud of those boys in the blue and yellow.  We had tickets to games six and seven of the NLDS too but opted to sell them to make some money back in order to buy World Series tickets if the Brewers would have made it there.  Unfortunately, as we know, it didn’t happen but it was totally worth the risk.

Tyler and I bonded on our love of baseball from the first moment we started talking to each other in 2015 so even though this year we were cheering for the Brewers and not his Cubbies it was an amazing playoff baseball run for us.  (I rooted for the Cubs in 2016 when they won the World Series so Tyler wearing the blue and yellow after his Cubs were eliminated in the NL Wildcard game was only fair.  The things we do for love…see one of our engagement photos below.)

93 - IMG_0553.jpg.jpg

Who knows what the 2019 MLB season will bring but 2018 was quite an amazing ride.  As soon as the World Series ended, Tyler looked at me and said, “there are a lot of days until opening day”.  Only 138 days left to go…but who’s counting?

PS. Check out some of the highlights of our MLB Postseason experience below.  We even met Marlins Man (@Marlins_Man).


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