I Survived the Polar Vortex of 2019…and the holidays too!

Hey Fam, Friends, and General Internet Users who have somehow found this blog!  I’m alive!  I survived the great Polar Vortex of 2019 and the holidays too!  Where in the world did January go?  Last thing I knew I was blogging about all of the wonderful holiday productions at the Milwaukee Rep and suddenly it’s February 8th.  So, I guess it’s time to fill you in on the past month or so of my life.

December was a CRAZY whirlwind…basically, from the moment we returned home from Thanksgiving in Tennessee it was go, go, go all the way to New Years.  It was all pretty wonderful stuff though.  We were greeted back from Thanksgiving with our friends Josh and Sami popping by for a quick visit.  Right after they left, an old childhood friend of mine, Margaret, came up for a quick visit so we could go see one of our favorite bands, Bastille, in concert and catch up.  After that, we had Tyler’s mom and two youngest siblings up for a weekend and we went to chop down our Christmas tree…in the pouring rain.  Despite having to go to two different tree farms and literally being soaked from trudging around in the rain, we found the most perfect little tree for our first Christmas as a married couple.


Our streak of visitors continued as Tyler’s brother, Noel, came home on leave from the military for the holidays.  He spent a few days in Milwaukee with us which was absolutely wonderful as we hadn’t seen him since December 2017 when he was home for Christmas and our wedding.  A couple of days after Noel arrived at our house, we were joined by my cousin Nicole who had just finished up her semester abroad from Australia at Buffalo State University.  Nicole was able to come over to Wisconsin for a week where we gave her a warm Midwestern welcome and showed her all of the fun things Milwaukee has to offer, along with a trip to Madison to see Wisconsin’s State Capitol and the University of Wisconsin, as well as a trip up to Lambeau Field.  We finished off the week with a Friendsgivingmas celebration with our close friends Matt and Laura and their baby Elizabeth, Mike and Stacy and their adorable 2-year old Ben, as well as JJ and Kari and their sweet 1-year old (with the cutest ponytail I’ve ever seen) Gloria.  Check out the highlight reel below.

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Once we were done hosting our assortment of visitors, we ourselves became the visitors.  We headed home for the holidays to the Mrowiec homestead in Illinois.  We spent a few days catching up with all of our siblings who have somehow ended up literally all over the world.  Caroline was home from Vietnam where she works as an occupational therapist for an organization called Orphan Voice (you should check out her blog here, it’s WAY funnier than mine), Noel was home from the US Army, Miles was home before his final semester at College of the Ozarks, and Byron was home from his first semester at Cedarville University.  It was so great to have everyone back together again.  Here’s a collection of photos of the festivities where you can find all 8 of us Mrowiec kids, usually in age order.  You’ll especially enjoy the photo of my adult husband sitting on Santa’s (Byron) lap.  Okay, no shame, I did it too.

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After Christmas, Tyler and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in Chicago where we stayed at The Palmer House, had some beers at the Berghoff tap room, enjoyed a day at the Field Museum, ate some amazing gumbo at Heaven on Seven, and had two amazing dinners at Quartino and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse respectively, and capped off the entire weekend with none other than Garret’s popcorn.  We had a great couple of days away together to slow down, have some fun, and learn a lot about dinosaurs, mummies, and the like at the museum.  Shoutout to our wedding baker, Aggie’s, who gave us a BRAND NEW cake so we didn’t have to eat the year-old freezer burn one for our anniversary.  Sorry Mroweic fam for bringing that old thing on New Years…it was not good.

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We rang in the New Year with our friends Matt and Laura, Mike and Stacy, and JJ and Kari (plus the sleeping kiddos) by playing board games, eating some amazing snacks, and watching the ball drop at midnight.  We’re so thankful to have had such a wonderful holiday season with all of our family and friends and to have rung in 2019 with such a great group of people.

We headed home again on the 1st to say goodbye to Noel as he headed back to the military and enjoyed some handmade Christmas crackers by Caroline.  Many games of Mafia, One Night, and The Sherrif of Nottingham were played and my mother-in-law Jodi pointed out we sure do play a lot of lying games…

With all of our fun and shenanigans, it sure does seem like all we do is play (as my parents kindly like to point out) but once January 2nd hit we were right back to the grind with work.  Our next stop was Boston on January 16th for Tyler’s corporate holiday party but that will be another post because that was another entirely fun adventure.

With all of this, it’s great to be back and on the blog.  I’ll be uploading a few more posts in the coming days to share with you our Boston adventure and a couple of amazing productions I’ve seen recently at the Milwaukee Rep.  I also had the privilege to attend their 66th season announcement and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on that as well.

I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to 2019.  Oh yeah, this post was somehow supposed to be about the 2019 Polar Vortex too.  It happened, and it was horrible.  I always exaggerate that it’s -50 degrees here in Wisconsin in the winter.  This year, it was LEGIT -50 degrees.  Here’s the proof.  I hope you all are staying warm and that you too have survived the Polar Vortex of 2019.  Until next time…


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    1. Thanks for reading, Caroline! Can’t wait to have you home again as well but I might be more excited for OUR visit to ‘Nam. Great eyes, that was the top of my wedding dress! Despite the drama in trying to procure that top, it was TOTALLY worth it and I’m excited to wear it for years to come!


    1. Thank you for tuning in! Also, thanks for the pictures – took those family ones from your Shutterfly so thank YOU for the great pictures!


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